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Daily Doings: Parvenu stephen “no witnesses” warrington, aka steve warrington, aka steve cook, aka stephen mandryk warrington, currently hacks away at hills with the back of a shovel blade, tiptoes through tulips, stops to smell the lilacs, and samples soil ph while the internet hums lucratively and noiselessly through his beloved laptop on the patio table in ann arbor, michigan, usa. When the sun grows unbearable and melanomic he retreats to the in-of-doors to sprawl on a beast-stained white wool rug and clatters shibboleth into the abovementioned computer and then tries unsuccesfully to persuade others to call it writing.

Beliefs: Thanks to his brilliant but flaky therapist and his georgeous sexy supportive wife he is slowly making his peace with the world. He is a recent convert to the power of the lucky penny and continues to believe with ever-fiercer faith in the energy of there-but-for-the-grace-of-god do-gooding: generous tipping; money to the arts; food to the panhandlers; and time to the causes help keep the wheels of the cosmos greased and the kink out of steve’s neck.

Friends: For the last year steve has been a friend of redheads. He also adores courtney mandryk. He is also a fan of many many offline others: Will Oldham and M.I.A. as two musical fer instances. He LOLs at Larry David, and remembers there is poetry even in meanness when he reads Cormac McCarthy.

In the flesh: At six feet two and three-quarter inches steve is handy for reaching objects in high places, and at 205 pounds of milk bone, steely muscle, ropy sinew, and belgian-ale-beer-belly it’s hard to miss him on the street. Plus the red hair. If that isn’t enough information, you can see pictures of him here.

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