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Tag: confessions

Okay Fine.

Alright it’s not true.  Revenues did not exceed $15.5 billion in ’98 and things are on the uptick not the downswing. The point of that last cranky missive was that I turned the site into a blog and now feel the weight of the “publish” button and find that at this very moment in my life I really have very. little. to. say.

There’s so much else going on that the last thing I want to do is delve into it. For that, please see me here at twitter where you can read my every inane status update guaranteed to convince you that the last thing you want is to be “tweeted.”

See!  Was that necessary?  I think not.  Courtney and I have been trying to slough negativity for Lent, in this heavy and oppressive time when it feels like the most natural thing to let off a little steam by ragging on somebody or something else. Twitter? Sounds like something nasty you do with two fingers. That barista?  What a jerk-off. Even crotchety old man complaints.  Too fast, too fast! or The roofline on the neighbor’s edition doesn’t match the main house. There’s a fine line between critical and critique-al and we’ve been erring heavy on the snottybitchy side.

So look. Maybe I’m just doing what my mama always told me I oughta do in cases where I can’t think of anything nice to say. I’m saying nothing at all.