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Tag: drinking

Adult Tastes

We stopped drinkin’ Tuesday. We made the most of the 3 days’ inter-egg-num (well, I did) but Tuesday we woke up glassy-eyed and twitchy and that was that. Party over man.

I hadn’t before today but finally seriously questioned the wisdom in sympathy sobriety.  What’s the point of the both us us suffering? She didn’t abstain in the past when I had to… And so on.

Nevertheless, Kaliber it was when I got home from a somewhat arduous day of office and errands. And now it’s 9, time for kids to go to bed, and I want something adult.  Something weird and complicated. Something not-too-sweet and relaxing and even a little mind-altering (even if just by it’s novelty).

So now I’m on to coconut water mango juice cocktail. Which I just can’t seem to get comfortable with. I think I smell the mango which really gets my juices flowing before I taste the … em… water.

Courtney just busted out the chocolate-covered twinkie.