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Tag: half-and-half lobster

Blue Lobster

I found a very blue lobster claw on the beach in Maine. Pretty!

Courtney looked it up and as I live and breathe there is such a thing that lives and breathes. One in two to four million lobsters is blue, depending on which source you consult. That got us purty excited. It’s a genetic mutation (like redheads!) that causes the little crusty-tasty to overproduce protein that combines with carotene to make the blue.  There are also yellow lobsters (one in thirty million), two-tone or half-and-half lobsters (one in fifty million), and baddest of the bad sea-scuttling mofos, the albino lobster (one in one hundred million)

I looked at my little blue claw again later and compared it to this guy and I don’t think so. You can see around the blue that there is red, and it’s blue only in places where it looks worn. More likely than I found the the missing limb of some ancient mutated sea freak now roaming the bottoms wailing for his missing claw, I think the sun and waves just wore the red away.

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