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what do i do if a ginger kid bites me

One thing I like to do every day is check google trends to see what people are searching for. And every so often there’s a good phrase in there, right below simon malls and right above eme627 laptop that stops me in my tracks.

On Thanksgiving day 2009 at 9pm EST the thirty-first most popular search term was “what do i do if a ginger kid bites me”

As this is a question we have all pondered at one time or another, I was quite relieved to see that others were worrying it as well. Perhaps most comforting of all are the related searches. As you can see below, there are good folks out there like ourselves who worry the big questions in life and find if not solace then at least succor in google’s gentle ministrations.

what-do-i-do-if-a-ginger-kid-bites-meThough I wish this all were true, more likely the trend is the result of a random scalawag with nothing to perpetrate but mischief while he/she waits out the boredom of a family gathering. Ginger, on the other hand, is commonly English, which is not celebrating a holiday today, especially not at 11am, when the search saw it’s peak, though 11am here is 4pm there. On the third hand, ginger may be gaining ground here. Talking about Hercules the other day, Rosie asked, Wasn’t he a ginger? A ginger? Hercules?

No, but jesus was a mischievous badger.