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Two blog posts in one day I announced proudly to the freshly-napped missus. Thinking I naturally would have written about the very emotional baby sighting this morning she posted her own version of events, then checked on mine to see that yet again, I had only written about the stupid yard. Man is a slave in all matters of the heart baby, but in his yard? Oh yes, he is King….

Slavishly then, I submit my own meagre nugget.

We went in to meet the (one of 8 or 9 on staff so not really “the”) midwife today. And after she failed with the doppler to find the heartbeat and fetched the ultrasound machine and fumbled for quite possibly the longest 3 or possibly 576 minutes of my life there he was, the baby that I knew beforehand would have matured since the last time we saw it but still so shockingly big and human! Not a shrimp anymore mama, this thing was baby without doubt. Pumpkinhead maybe, human nonetheless. And, to make the moment all the more glorious, he was dancing like I have never seen. You think a baby might swim, being small and suspended in fluid, slow-motioning the breast stroke to pass the idle time, but no. He was doing the “come on down,” swinging his arms from way out to in like I had no idea could be done. Hyper already, inhe? I said. Wow, the midwife said.  Ha! Courtney said.