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Breaking Radio Silence

I don’t have anything to say. I am only awaiting orders for my next assignment, which I know will be a dangerous one.

I have sympathy everything: my brain is not working and I haven’t had an original thought in months — I am not productive I am strictly gestative; I had lower back pain that transformed mid-run last week into the entire right side of my body being seized by one sixdaylong musle spasm; My left eye muscles keep twitchin’. This is known as a Toni Braxton hitch.

The only thing that has been saving me lately is the hippity hop. More specifically, three queens a joker and an ace: Eve, M.I.A., Gwen Stefani, Kool Keith, and Kanye West respectively (some may say Kanye’s more of an ace-hole).

I will let them speak for themselves (one last note: the eve deserves a full-screen viewing. It is quite possibly the prettiest video I have done ever seent.).

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